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Bubo Games is an independent team of passionate game developers who work true to the statement "by gamers for gamers ", because we are making things better not just talking about.


We develop high quality mobile games for iOS and Android .
Our main focus is clearly on quality and lasting joy. This means we distance ourselves from pay-to-win models, therefore Bubo Games offers Players a free-to-Play with longlasting fun from the first to the last level.

For us it is important to provide players with long-term enjoyment of the game, so much love is applied to every detail. We are gamers with high demands, so it is natural for us to set high standards in our work and our products.

Quality is not a coincident but the product of care and passion. For this reason, the team is under quality pressure, not under time pressure. The fact that we always meet our schedule, goes without saying, because this is a feature of quality to our clients.

With those motifs on our flag, it is not unusual that even our student project not only won the Gameforge Newcomer Award 2012, but after the release it became nominated as the Best Casual Mobile Game 2013. Bubo Games makes nothing extraordinary, we just realize the ordinary things extraordinarily affectionate.